VIRTUAL Swansea zine fest: SAT 08 MAY 2021

Swansea Zine Fest 2021 will take place virtually on Facebook Live, IGTV and Twitter on Saturday 8th May.

The event will feature virtual talks, zine readings, workshops, and more, broadcast online from midday BST.

Further details to be announced soon!

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Zine Reviews with Katya Krasner

Katya reviews her favourite zines purchased at last year's Swansea Zine Fest.

Click here for the transcript.

Zine There Done That (short film)

Hospitalised by a mental health breakdown, Ana discovers zines to organise her thoughts and reach out to a vibrant underground community of zinesters. 

Click here for the transcript.

Zines: Making Media, Doing Activism

Cath discusses zines as a tool for political activism, and the role they play in constructing narratives, identities, and communities. 

Click here for the transcript.

Zine Along with Tukru

Tukru (from Vampire Hag Distro) talks us through the process of assembling their latest zine, along with a video walkthrough.

A Few Reasons Why I Love Perzines with Kirsty

Swansea Zine Fest co-organiser Kirsty talks about her love for perzines - zines which focus on personal, confessional writings. 

Click here for the transcript.

My Zines with Rebecca McCormick

Rebecca McCormick (from Will Be Betrayed Distro) talks about her zine-making history, and shares some of her favourite zines of hers from over the years.

Click here for the transcript.

Cartoon Drawing for Engineers

Join for a live draw-along with Liviu Badea: cartoonist, writer, drawer, letterer, self-publisher & orchestra-man jack-of-all-trades.

Click here for the transcript. 

nina blog.jpg

Why Zines Are Important To Me During Quarantine

Click on the image above to read Nina's blog post about why zines are so important to her, especially during coronavirus lockdown and quarantine.

Lunch break

Even zinesters need to take a break, so grab a snack, stay hydrated, and see if you can spot SZF mascot Cassie the Cat on the livestream!

Make a Zine in 10 Minutes: Interactive Zoom workshop

Join Cath, Kirsty and Morgan on Zoom for this interactive workshop where we all make a zine together in just 10 minutes!

Open Mic Session

A range of zinesters, poets, and small-press writers read selections of their self-published work in this virtual version of our annual Open Mic session. 

Click here for the transcripts.


Free Zine Grab Bag

Click on the image above to download our grab bag of FREE digital zines, donated by Swansea Zine Fest contributors and regulars.


Swansea Zine Fest is committed to allowing as many people as possible to access the event's content in a way which is safe and comfortable for them. To make this possible, we have done the following things:

-Provided transcripts for all talks which do not have subtitles embedded in the videos. These are mostly word-for-word transcripts but some are the scripts the talks were based on.

-Provided text versions of most of the readings from the open mic session. These have been provided by the artists and we will make any further content received by us available on the Swansea Zine Fest website after the event.

-Put common relevant content warnings on the slide before each video and included these at the top of the transcripts/text versions of the video.

-Ensured that there are minimal visual effects in the video content and used warnings for these where appropriate. However as this area of accessibility is not an area of expertise for any of the organising team please get in touch to ask for clarification about this if it is important for you.

-Used text and background colours which are easy to differentiate between on our slides, making them easier to read. 

This has been done within the context of the event being run by a small volunteer team with no access to a budget, however we are keen for this not to be an excuse for us missing things.


We are always looking to improve our accessibility so if you have any comments or suggestions for how we can improve what is available for today’s event, or for future virtual or in person events, please feel free to get in touch by emailing

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