VIRTUAL Swansea zine fest: SAT 08 MAY 2021

Swansea Zine Fest 2021 will take place virtually on Facebook Live on Saturday 8th May, 11 - 5pm BST.

The event will feature virtual talks, zine readings, workshops, and more.

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13.00 - 14.00

Zine Quiz with Quizogyny

Join us for a fun quiz all about zines and DIY publishing with picture rounds, puzzles and prizes. You don’t need to be an expert to join in - you might be surprised how much you know about DIY culture, and be inspired to find out more!

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24-Hour Zine Challenge

We will be holding a 24-hour zine challenge, starting at 5.30pm (40 minutes after the main event ends) and ending at 5.30pm on Sunday 9th May! The challenge is to attempt to make a completed zine in 24 consecutive hours, from conception to final product.

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Free Zine Grab Bag

Zinefest attendees are able to download our grab bag of FREE digital zines, donated by Swansea Zine Fest contributors and regulars.

Please note: SZF have made an effort to ensure the zines in this grab bag is appropriate, however we are not responsible for submitted content and are unable to give content warnings.

Download here.


Swansea Zine Fest is committed to allowing as many people as possible to access the event's content in a way which is safe and comfortable for them. To make this possible, we have done the following things:

-Provided transcripts for all talks which do not have subtitles embedded in the videos. These are mostly word-for-word transcripts but some are the scripts the talks were based on.

-Provided text versions of most of the readings from the open mic session. These have been provided by the artists and we will make any further content received by us available on the Swansea Zine Fest website after the event.

-Put common relevant content warnings on the slide before each video and included these at the top of the transcripts/text versions of the video.

-Ensured that there are minimal visual effects in the video content and used warnings for these where appropriate. However as this area of accessibility is not an area of expertise for any of the organising team please get in touch to ask for clarification about this if it is important for you.

-Used text and background colours which are easy to differentiate between on our slides, making them easier to read. 

This has been done within the context of the event being run by a small volunteer team with no access to a budget, however we are keen for this not to be an excuse for us missing things.


We are always looking to improve our accessibility so if you have any comments or suggestions for how we can improve what is available for today’s event, or for future virtual or in person events, please feel free to get in touch by emailing